Find Those Nemo’s in Your Life And Remember to Communicate

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‘Finding Nemo,’ is a Walt Disney picture, A Pixar Animation Studios Film. This film is about a young clownfish who decided to test the waters where he lived underwater and show his father he was not as young as he thought.

Nemo’s father Marlin was overprotective. He thought he was protecting Nemo when he set all his rules for him. Marlin had just lost his sweetheart while trying to protect her young ones yet to be born. He didn’t want to lose anyone again. He thought he had to become an over protecting father.

Parents today should watch this movie several times together and ask their children how they feel about Nemo’s courage and his father’s strict rules. It may surprise you to find out that children do indeed want rules. The want us to trust their instincts on occasions where they have earned it. 

Children are born curious and love to explore. They need rules and tend to try to leap over all boundaries that have been set for them. Parents can learn a lot from the movie, ‘Finding Nemo.’ Fathers especially can learn what it takes to be the parent in full charge of their children’s safety; mind and body.

Childcare givers should watch this movie with the children that they do childcare services for. Then they will have the opportunity to talk heart to heart with them about life’s ups and downs. Children learn from experience. They do tend to want more rope to swing on, like Tarzan’s tree of life.

Tarzan and Nemo had a lot in common. They both had to fight the odds that were placed before them. Tarzan was alone in the jungle and found many ways to survive. He did this all on his own. He learned how to communicate with the animals in very special ways. Nemo felt alone before he was placed in the tank bowl. He could either give up and cry that he lost his father by being stubborn, or learn how to make friends and fight to become free once again.

All curious minds think alike. They want to explore until it’s too dark to see any more. Parents and their children should set a side time to get to know one another better through communication. Parents could ask their children to pick one day a week to set down and really listen to their children. Children who feel like they have been heard prove to have higher self esteem and confidence.

Now, Find all your little Nemo’s and go home together feeling safe, sound, and most of all loved.   


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