What Type of Bread is The Best And How To Store It?

Bread is a tasty and irreplaceble product. Some people are fond of eating sandwiches on a daily basis and some people simply avoid them completely, thinking that they might gain lots of extra weight. But is it really so? There is a great variety of breads. You will definitely surprise if all possible types of bread would be placed in front of your eyes. Shape and size can vary from country to country, there are breads that rise high, medium and the category of breads that doesn’t rise at all, it is also known ad flatbreads. Flatbreads can be usually found in India, the great number of chapatties and naans that are so well-known around the world, But it is not only the shape and the size of the final product that make it so different. The main different lies inside.

There are wholemeal and wheatmeal breads, multigrain and kibbled breads, rye and fruit breads.

The best and prime choice is the bread that made out of whole wheat flour, because every part of the kernel is used. The bran (hard brown outer cover of the kernel) as well as oily germ are preserved. This type of bread is high in protein and vitamins and very fiber-rich. It will keep you full during a longer period of time. And you don’t need to eat a lot of it to be full.

The second place would go to rye bread. The darker the bread the more bran is used, that means more nutrients are retained in the product.

And the least favourable is the bread which is made out of refined or so-called “white” flour. The bran of the kernel is not being used.

For a common person, who is interested in getting the proper daily amount of vitamins and nutrients it is better to give the priority to the whole-grain products. And for people who wish to remove some weight can have bread without any fats in their ration. Fat + bread = surely extra weight gain.

One more extremely important moment is how to store the bread? Where do you keep it? In the refrigirator or maybe just in a plastic bag?

The right way to store the bread is to place it in the special metal, wooden or plastic bread box. But more preferable is to wrap the bread with linen peice of cloth. Plastic bags are simply useless, because the bread under exposure of moisture will grow muldy. To remove the unpleasant odour just place a lemon peel or a charcoal inside your bread box. The bread will last longer if you place inside the bread box a piece of sugar, cutted apple or a small peeled potato. Rye bread should be kept separetely from any other bread.

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