Heart Attack- Risk Factors And Avoidance

Even more important issue is that 25% to 35% of the victims are within 45 years of age and the disease is highly fatal. With the increasing change in life style the incidence of heart attack has become high.

Myocardial infarction is due to the formation of clot or a thrombus which leads to embolism in the coronary artery. Coronary artery supplies blood to heart. When the blood supply is lost, infarct develops in that particular area of myocardium.

Risk factors


Prolonged smoking causes arteriosclerosis or narrowing of arteries due to the loss of elasticity. So, there is more chance for the thrombus or clot to form, which leads to cardiac arrest. If one person smokes about,

  • 1 to 9 cigarettes per week – risk of heart attack increases by 1.5 times

  • 10 -19 cigarettes per week – risk increases by 2.7 times

  • More than 20 per week – risk of heart attack increases by 5 time

High cholesterol level

Normal cholesterol level must be well within 150 mg and triglyceride level not more than 180 mg.  Low density lipids should be low in blood. Due to increased intake of junk foods, chat items and other fats. So the fat gets deposited in the blood vessels leading to atherosclerosis, which in turn causes narrowing of arteries. This increases the risk of a cardiac attack by 2 times.

High blood pressure

The normal blood pressure is 120/80 mmhg. If present the risk increases by 1.5 times

Psycho-social stress

This the major cause of myocardial infarction in young adults is the stress

Methods of avoidance

  • Walking for 30 minutes daily
  • Cycling or playing out door games
  • Avoid more salt
  • Your must not be obese
  • Avoid alcohol

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