Action Without Vision is a Nightmare. Vision Without Action is Just a Daydream

Having worked in golf clubs almost all of my life I was used to being around successful people who didn’t work but instead played golf. I always pondered, How did they manage to maintain this life? How did they manage to afford that expensive bottle of Champagne? That rolex watch? That brand new Mercedes?

Until one day whist speaking to one of them I was told to read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. A book that would change my life. Forever. “The Rich don’t work for their money, their money works for them” he said. This was a difficult concept for me to grasp as I had always worked hard in the hope that one day it would pay off. The problem was that I had worked so hard all of my life that I had failed to see what was happening around me. Catering is a psychologically negative industry to work in with very little reward. You work 70 plus hours a week and when you do got a glimpse of a social life you would go out and spend all of your money in nice restaurants/ lavish holidays where other people would wait on you hand and foot. It was like a drug, you felt good about your work in the short term because you were rewarding yourself but you didn’t realise the long term affect this would have on your life.

Within a month of reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad I had sacked my boss, told my pregnant wife I loved her dearly and refinanced our whole world. This was not a time for pondering! This was not a time for the faint hearted! After all, this new found knowledge would stand me in good stead, wouldn’t it?

I was already a huge fan of Anthony Robbins, I believed I would “tap in to my god given skills” eventually. I also knew that I would have no problem creating “my own magnificent obsession” once I had the time. I was also a devoted watcher of The Secret DVD. Although a little glorified I understood the message perfectly. I will be rich, I will be rich, I will be rich – yikes, another council tax bill!

At this time I was ready change. I had been waiting for this moment, this message. A message which would lead me to financial freedom and all the things I had got used to dreaming about, but never realised were in my reach. A sign that I could do it and in the words of Art Williams I just did it. It was my responsibility to better myself and felt it my responsibility to help others. To spread the wealth in the world more evenly.

A book that had influenced many so people worldwide made me part of a select club of entrepreneurial people, the people who would one day become my new best friends.

I got my rear in to gear, QUICKLY. It was clear to me that whatever I did in my professional life I had to be in this position where I could talk to like minded people. I read, I attended seminars, I researched, I spoke to influential people, I educated myself in finance, hell I even put adverts in local papers for motivated, driven people and befriended them to help me better understand how their mind ticks and see if we could be of benefit to one another.

This was no time for analysis paralysis!

It was time to “take action” Then I realised that although the book had sown many seeds in my mind it actually hadn’t told me how to implement them. Surely then, The Law of Attraction would take over and all of life’s little jigsaw pieces would fall together? Unfortunately not. Life presents many opportunities, the difference between the rich and poor is that the rich take those opportunities.

Perhaps the hardest thing for someone who is trapped in the rat race is to identify an opportunity. Something which cannot be read, cannot be taught and cannot be predicted. People have been educated to work hard and save their money throughout history. The education system teaches people that the right thing to do is to get a good job and work hard, pay your taxes and save your money. Anything else is deemed to be a risk.

This intrigued me immensely and I felt obliged to help those people by presenting them opportunities to make a change, to invest in their future and to invest their confidence in me to make their money work hard for them.

So myself and my friend formed InvestUS. A partnership company which encourages all of the people on the left side of the cash-flow quadrant to move over to the right side. What this means in plain English is we encourage everyday employees to invest in theirs and their families future. From an investment point of view, we live in a time of unprecedented opportunity – the only problem is, most of us do not realise it. We are pre-programmed to think life’s luxuries are for people on the other side of town, we don’t deserve them. Or do we??

look out for our next chapter…

“The business of investing”

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