Ways to Deal With Boredom

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Boredom is part of life, and invariably happens to us all. Some ways to alleviate it include shaking up the status quo once in awhile-doing something completely different. Most of us practically do the same thing everyday, in predictable ways, times…and ruts. Altering your routine to do something completely dfferent can help beat that mundane feeling that goes with our daily schedule. This also reflects to your meals as well. Eat something completely different-something you’ve always wanted to eat-whether you order it out, or learn to prepare and cook it. Even learning to prepare and cook it. This will help shake the cobwebs out of your mind.

We are all going to lead repetitive, pretty much by-your-watch schedules all our lives. We strive to alleviate the boredom, predictability and often mundane nature of our assorted daily schedules, or we just end up engulfed in them, living our lives out, punctuated by levels of excitement and change. But usually just do the same things over and over again, including what can start as exciting and different things. Ways to change that including updating the spice and variety in our lives more often.

With most of us overtired and stressed out from work, family and other pressures, this can be difficult at first. However, even something as simple as exercise and a better diet can give us far more energy and therefore the time and endurance to do more. Through the simple act of pulling yourself away from the couch more often, your brain starts to work better and more efficiently towards coming up with new ideas and concepts (and able to implement them better during your mundane, dull and very boring daily planner). A clearing of the cobwebs from your mind as a result, that is augmented by a better diet and more exercise-moves your life away from the dull and plodding life.

Once you have moved into high gear in doing different things to get out of your rut, new doors will open up in your life, paving the way for more exciting and different things. Maybe you’ll go back to university and finish your degree off, or even get another degree. You might learn to speak french and German and decide to visit those two countries, to try out your new languages. Whatever the case is, the sky is the limit to what can be done. Use your imagination and daydream more when you get bored-it exercises the mind and opens the door to the possibilities. Whatever the case is, you are only limited by your rut, its dimensions and parameters, and your own mindset and personality!


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