Jersey Shore 2, Episode 4: Snooki's Boyfriend Cheats, Ronnie Attacked by Snooki

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On Jersey Shore 2, episode 4, Snooki’s boyfriend cheats and a Ronnie Bashing email is sent to Sammy.

Snooki’s Boyfriend Cheats

The guys of the house are out clubbing and of course, Ronnie is flirting with all of the girls. Snooki and JWoWW walk home and Snooki calls her boyfriend, who she hasn’t spoken to for a few days. On the phone, her boyfriend back home tells her that he has been with other women… validating her fear before she left to film the second season.

Sammy Asks About Ronnie’s Cheating

When the other girls find out, Sammy asks if Ronnie is with other women, but Snooki doesn’t tell her to protect her feelings. JWoWW tells Sammy that she should stay single for her own sanity. Snooki and JWoWW debate on what to do about Sammy… do they tell her or don’t they?

Jersey Shore 2, episode 4 goes back to Klutch, the club that the guys are at. Ronnie is dancing with girls while Angelina watches. She could tell Sammy… but doesn’t think it’s her place.

Back at the Jersey Shore 2 house, Snooki and JWoWW further discuss the Ronnie situation. Snooki says that she would expect her friends to tell her if her man was cheating.

At 4:00 am, JWoWW tells Sammy that she shouldn’t be around Ronnie for safety reasons.

Snooki’s Boyfriend Keeps Calling

Snooki’s boyfriend back home, Emilio, calls the Jersey Shore 2 house. He tries to smooth talk her, but she isn’t fooled. She tells him never to call her again and slams the phone down and screams in frustration and anger. Emilio calls again, but JWoWW answers the phone and he asks if she is voicemail. JWoWW pretends to be an answering machine, then calls him unemployed, questions his hygiene, and hangs up on him. Snooki takes her anger out on a camera outside.

Back Home

The guys are still clubbing on Jersey Shore 2, episode 4, and The Situation takes a cab home. Once he and the others get to the house, they see a broken plate and find out what is happening from Snooki. Then, Sammy screams at Ronnie, but he is pretending to be asleep. He makes some kind of noise, like a snore-grunt, and then he calls her a nasty name. Sammy asks him why he went clubbing and he tries to explain. Sammy tells Ronnie it was a “test.” She further explains that she will not cry over him, that she is over him, and to never talk to her again.

Snooki Impales Ronnie With Champagne Bottle

The Situation prepares a special Sunday feast for the cast of Jersey Shore 2, and hopes that Snooki doesn’t get this one all over her fuzzy slippers like last time. But, luck is not on his side. Food ends up all over the kitchen floor. Snooki ends up nearly impaling Ronnie with a bottle of champagne.

The Secret Is Almost Out

Angelina discusses Ronnie dancing with a girl during dinner and he gives her sign language telling her to shut up.

Later, the girls play a game of questions. One of the questions asked is “have you ever cheated.” Ronnie denies it at first, but then changes his answer to yes. He justifies it by saying, “Everyone’s cheated.”

Secret Email to Sammy

The girls decide to send an anonymous email to Sammy listing everything Ronnie has done.

What Will Happen Next?

At the end of Jersey Shore 2, episode 4, Sammy has not seen the email yet, and she and Ronnie discuss how they constantly break up and make up. Viewers are in anticipation on what Sammy will do when she gets the revealing email.

Jersey Shore 2, episode 4 was a revealing one. Watch Jersey Shore 2, episode 5 on MTV Thursday nights.


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