Hydrotherapy Makes For Good Heath

Hydro therapy has been medically proven and applied throughout the world when used in combination with modern equipment, hydrotherapy can be more successful. Heat is carried through water three times faster than through air. Therefore, you do not feel cold when the temperature is 200C in the air, but you do feel cold at the same temperature in water.

The mechanical effect of water, characterized by water pressure on the body, can be used to treat certain diseases. The stimulation of water creates reactions of the skin and inner organs. For instance, applying a cold compress on the chest can cause the lung’s blood vessels to contract, whereas applying a hot compress on the waist can relax the kidney’s blood vessels. A cool shower can make the heart work easier while a warm shower can make it work harder.

There are hundreds of methods of taking a therapeutic bath for relaxation and treatment. Here are some hydrotherapies that are popular in HCM City:

            Shower: the shower is a simple means of hydrotherapy that takes advantages of water sprayed on the body to affect the skin and help you relax. You can choose a suitable water temperature: 15-200C (cold shower), 21-300C (cool shower), 31-380C (warm shower) and over 380C (hot shower). After doing morning exercise, you can take a cold then a hot shower for two or three minutes. A warm shower for three to ten minutes before bedtime will help you sleep soundly.

           Hot bath: the water temperature in the bathtub is about 38-400C and the time is five to ten minutes, depending on your age and health. Bathing in the hot springs is better, thanks to the effect of natural minerals. Taking hot baths regularly is good for the skin and can help prevent cold and sinusitis.

            Warm and cool baths: there should be two bathtubs, one for warm water and the other for cool water. The difference of temperature between the two tubs is about 5-100C. At first, you bathe in the warm tub for three to five minutes, then in the cool tub for two to three minutes. Repeat five to seven times. This can help exercise your body and prevent cold. 

            Whirlpool bath: the bath is used at beauty salons and massage parlors. The water temperature in the whirlpool bathtub is about 36-380C. Taking a whirlpool bath for five to ten minutes can help boost your blood circulation, free you from fatigue and pain, and prevent inflammation.

            Swimming: this is a good way to exercise your body and recover your health. The water and temperature in the swimming pool have positive impacts on your body, facilitating respiration and blood circulation. Swimming in warm water can ease your muscles and free you from tiredness.          

            In addition, steam baths and sea bathing are also good hydrotherapies to help you relax, to improve your health and prevent certain illnesses.

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