View Folder Size in Details View

In windows explorer you can change views as per your requirement or ease like Thumbnails, Tiles, Icons, List, and Details. But if you really want to see where your disk space is going you choose Details view as your views choice. It shows the size of files contained in that folder, but even details view doesn’t show the size of folders. You have to check manually the size of folder by going to properties of that folder

I always wanted windows explorer to display the size of folders as it displays the size of files in details view. I came through an application that adds a new Folder size column to your explorer. This column displays size of folders (Size of all files and folders in that particular folder) in addition to size of files. To enable display of folder size you have to right click on columns in details view and select Folder size column there from list.

 This application is available for Windows XP and windows 2000 only, but its really cool application that helps you in monitoring and cleaning of your folders that result in better disk space utilization.

 You can Download Folder Size from sourceforge

 see : How to use it

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