How do You Write a Hit Article?

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I have been writing articles for about a year now, and I have written about 170 articles. I don’t write a hit article every time, but I have a lot of articles on the first page of a Google search.

A hit article is an article that reaches the first page of a popular search. For example, I just wrote one called: Which article writing site pays the best? and it is first on the first page of a Google search on that title (at least in Australia).

Why can I get on the first page of a Google search for such a popular phrase, that has so much competition, from other article writing sites, and their writers?

It’s because I have made a lot of links to my articles, and my Bukisa profile page, in lots of different ways, over time. Link weight is one of the main algorithms Google use to determine how popular a site is.

Some of the other factors that play a role in making a hit article, are the title, the meta description, how often the site is updated, the amount of traffic, and the amount of relevant keywords used throughout the article.

I have submitted my RSS feed to multiple sites, I have a free downloadable browser add-on called add this. Basically, I worked very hard at learning how I could improve the SEO to my articles in many different ways, so I could write lots of hit articles.

One easy way to make links to your articles, is to write articles on another paid article writing site, that link to them, from relevant link text, and while this takes time, it is seen as a better quality, more reliable link than just posting a link to your article from Twitter.

My most successful hit articles so far have been:

What are the most googled words on Google?

What are the most googled words?

A basic guide to using Cubase LE 4

Where did the universe come from according to science?




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