Grapes Have The Highest Amount of Natural Fructose And Glucose

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Grapes are grown in (India) Kashmir and Northern utter Pradesh on a large scale.  Grapes of Pune, Coorg, Auramgabad and Hyderabad are sweet. They have seeds and are enormous. The north Indian varieties are mostly seedless.

Each country develops its own method of planting grapes in the vineyard. As a result the taste varies from country to country. In India, several types are grown, including the European and Australian variety. It is said that there are more than 400 types of grapes grown all over the world.   

Grapes have the highest amount of natural fructose and glucose. They give a lot of energy. The nutrients present in this fruit make it part of a balanced diet. Grapes also multiply the cells in our body. Doctors recommend grapes pulp and juice to cancer patients as it is said to generate cells in the body.

Grapes apart from being consumed fresh are also dried and used. Raisins or kishmish have all the nutrients that grapes give. In desert regions where milk is scarce, grapes supplement the nutritive intake. Have you ever thought of the various uses of grapes? Our forefathers found grapes to be most useful in treating diseases. Grapes help the stomach and liver to function properly. In village people use dried grapes to remove phlegm. For anemia, foul breath, improving eyesight and constipation, grapes were used by our forefathers as they are even today. 




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