Tips For Meeting People in a New City

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When you first move to a city where everything is brand new and you are still checking it all out; it doesn’t really bother you too much that you don’t have any local people to enjoy it with you. But, after you feel a little more settled in; suddenly it hits you that you don’t want to go to dinner alone again. Or you want to go see something in the city and you would love to have a companion enjoy the experience with you.

It does take a little time for you to make friends in a new city, so the best outlook is just to be prepared that the “magic” with your new people is not going to happen overnight. (Even though on sitcoms it seems to happen that way) In the meantime, make sure you keep yourself attached with all of your friends and family that you are already close to; because if you don’t they will just assume you are busy and will not know you would like some attention.

The first and best place I think people like for meeting friends is at work. You spend so much time and energy there it is usually easier to find kindred spirits quite quickly.

One of the best ways to get to know your neighborhood is to become a regular at the corner pizzeria or nearby restaurant, etc. You will be amazed how quickly people start to recognize you and you will recognize them also.

You will also be familiar with the staff, etc. and when you have questions about where to go or what to do; they probably are a great resource. Usually if a place has live music they may have more people showing up.

If you rent, your landlord may have some information on whether the renters have social groups or if the general community has them nearby. There is usually a bulletin board to post items on and you can read those or post your own requests.

If you own your own house or condo there are usually associations that are involved in keeping the properties up to code and in a neat and clean order. Contact their office as they can provide you with information of any social groups that gets together for block parties, etc.

Whatever your hobbies are; there should be a group involved somewhere in the city. Check out the internet for where they are and how often they meet.

I myself, love being new to a city; to me it is like a clean slate just waiting to be filled in each day with new experiences. So, if you can keep an open attitude the sky is the limit!!


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