Ways to Increase Online Business Presence

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If you are a greenhorn in online business and you plan to increase your website’ presence, it is very basic that you discover the different techniques that are used in Search engine optimization. SEO or Search engine optimization is a method or process that aims to improve either the quality or volume of “traffic” into a website or a web page through search results. Traffic here is not the usual jam that you witness whenever you go to the office or you are late for a special meeting. In Online Businesses traffic is valued and synonymous with cash. The more people visit your site, the more potential clients. So how do you cling on and find these potential customers of yours?

 Here are some very basic ways to increase you online business presence:

  1. Be specific. Come up with a direct but creative name. From the moment they hear your website’s URL and they identify it with a special kind of service or sales, either selling bags or offering plumbing repair service things get easier. Through the simple act of properly naming your business and your website you help online shoppers in solving their problem and at the same time opening yourself to more potential clients.
  2. Be unique. Show them that you present something different which makes you more distinct compared to others. Your homepage should include a very brief but compelling description of what you offer. Making it brief makes the visitors read them. Lengthy write ups may discourage some of your readers. Also be creative and show what edge you have. When they see that you are honest of the services and goods that you offer and truly you have dedicated time in making your business inimitable, you are sure to fire up and be the talk of the town, or the web for that matter.
  3. You should be made visible to the public. People should know that you exist. You don’t really need to pay and spent cold cash for this. You just have to remember to always include your website in your calling cards and even in your products. You must learn to market yourself. Online marketing is free; there are indispensable websites that could help you. You can submit to free directories like Craigslist.com or set up a fan page at Facebook.com. The spreading of information is a must.

  4. Keep in touchwith your customers. Gathering information from customers like email address are very basic things that you could do so that you can inform them about the latest updates on your Business. One example is the newsletter. Remember you have to be truthful in sending useful information. Your customer’s privacy and trust is one of the very important things that you should value, these are the intangible things that cannot be again redeemed.

Lastly, going in to the technical side of stuff, you must learn to improve your page by using the correct and at the same time most used keywords associated with your website. Using words within your website is termed as On Page Search Engine Optimization, a time tested and proven way in making search 


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