Cooking Term

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Cooking is a routine activity that is done every time when we are hungry. Every ay we want to eat the food fresh and tasty, of course. But one day, we do not feel comfortable cooking and flavorless, the food that we buy the same quality with yesterday. There must be a wrong. That is the correct one, but which one? Perhaps you think that the quality of the food is not good or has expired or you have a wrong cooking, can it happen?

For you know that cooking actually have special requirements that often ignore in our cooking food. Detailed instructions on food and cooking for those who like to ask not just How ? but also Why?, because If you are negligent in cooking, cuisine can be a sense and you will not be tasteful.

Cooking terms;

First, you must clean the body from all the dirts.

Second, you should not be angry when you are cooking and during you are cooking, your mind must be calm and relaxed.

Third, you must have the talent to cook the foods.

Fourth, when you are finishing of making love you must have a bath before cooking, or for women should not be in a state of menstruation.

Fifth, happy cooking!. And do not forget, before you cook the food … make sure the fuel is available.

Remember, this term can be guaranteed, you will be cooking more tasty and delicious.


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