Tna Wrestling 8-19-10

So the show opened with footage of Jeff Hardy and Abyss duking it out a half hour before.  a half hour before what i don’t know as its all pretaped.  But Tenay and Tazz did a good job of acting like they had no idea that this was supposed to happen.  it actually seemed somewhat spontaneous.  perhaps they really didn’t know.  what’s funny is they censored Hardy’s butt crack when he got a bad case of plumber’s pants.  So the action started before the fans were in their seats.  good show for them right?  Abyss wrapped an extension cord around Hardy in an attempt to choke him but the cord didn’t make it past his chin.  can you choke a chin?  i don’t think so.  Did Hardy sell it though?  yes he did.  

So then finally they cut away from that when the overzealous security guards (which i will from now on refer to as the OSG) got involved.

Then the show started, officially i guess, with Bischoff coming out and recapping last weeks events of EV2 being attacked by Flair and the boys.  Bischoff indicated that Flair would be held accountable.  And Abyss has something nasty coming his way apparently.  Bischoff over dramatized the injuries that RVD is sitting in the hospital with.  I surmise that Biscoff will pull the championship off of him.  possibly have a tournament.  and i was right on count one and then i was right on count two.  Audiences do like tournaments.  But i prefer them to be all in one night.

Rob Terry is apparently in the top 8 that will be part of the tournament as is Jeff Hardy.  I am going to predict a Jeff Hardy win on this one but TNA creative for some reason really likes Rob Terry.  I admit he’s a huge guy but he has pretty much no personality.  Hardy performed a horrible swanton bomb but he got the pin and won.  So i have been correct on my predictions so far but not what i would call an excellent match, but again it had Rob Terry in it.

The behind the scenes portion of hogan on the phone with somebody talking about quitting his job at TNA.  Good news for some.  But we all know its not going to happen that way.

The next match was the awesome Jay Lethal versus the equally astounding Mr. Anderson.  I have to admit I love both these guys.  I hate to see either one lose.  But I will predict an Anderson win with outside interference of someone trying to get to Jay Lethal like Ric Flair or someone. 

Well, i was right about the Anderson win but there was no outside interference.  So I was half right.  pretty good match overall but nothing worth putting on a best of dvd. 

The Motor City Machine Guns had a pretty good promo with their voices going over footage of their match against Beer Money.  I’ve already comments on how awesome their series of matches with Beer Money were.

Next was the rematch of Madison Rayne against Angelina Love for the Knockout Championship.  The mystery body guard of course was present but surprisingly Angelina brought out the other member of the beautiful people Velvet Sky.  An awesome twist but whoever the motorcycle knock out is better be good.  I almost forgot to predict a win.  But just as i was about to type it Angelina won the match.  See how honest I am.  So apparently the Angelina and Velvet reunion is permanent.  As they were congradulating each other they were attacked from behind by Madison and the motorcycle girl.  Not a great match (sorry knockouts) but in the end i’m sure it was more important that they carry the story onward.

Flair and his fortune (fourtune?)  Cut a promo in the ring with Doug Williams and Matt Morgan as a new additions.  Flair’s promo was pretty good regarding EV2 and his general disregard to hardcore wrestling.  AJ Styles cut a similar promo but more in regards to his territorial stance on being in TNA from the beginning.  I notice he still has the “TV” championship and I wonder if he’ll actually be defending it this week.  He was interupted by Dixie Carter who then brought out EV2.  She cut a pretty good promo herself.  I am impressed.  She is handling a mic a lot better than WWE guys do.  Mick Foley’s portion of the promo was pretty awesome too.  Tommy Dreamer had a pretty good promo as well.  I guess promo wise TNA is on fire.

The next match was the X-division champ Doug Williams versus Kurt Angle.  Not hard to predict the win on this as its going to be Kurt Angle.  I actually like Doug William’s character and I think he would be awesome as a TV champ rather than X-Division.  The day I decided Kurt Angle was the best in the business was when i saw him do a moonsault off the top of a steel cage with no one at the bottom.  It looked like it hurt like hell and from then on I knew Kurt would be great.  Kurt won by making Williams tap out with an ankle lock.  Their match was decent but honestly the talent both men had could have lead to something better.  but who am i to criticize?  oh yeah a wrestling fan.

So Sting and Nash are together for a promo.  Why did sting go back to the white makeup?  i thought the red was an awesome retro moment i was hoping would last longer.

Anderson had a behind the scenes promo which was frankly a little disappointing. 

Sting and Nash next made their way to the ring.  Nash did well as usual with a Mic in his hand.  Nash though was interupted by Jeff Jarrett and I fail to see why they think this storyline is going to go anywhere.  I like Jarrett better as a heel personally.  but as a babyface he’s good when he’s not preachy and for some reason he can’t turn the preachy switch off lately.  But Jarrett defended the addition of Hogan and Bischoff to TNA.  And then Hogan interupted I guess to make it Sting and Nash versus Jarrett and Hogan.  Personally, I’d like to see Nash and Sting really say what it is they want to say rather than being interupted every time.  Jarrett and Hogan got in the ring and the lights went out.  Tenay’s questioning the lights going out again sounded as annoyed as i was feeling, like they put hung a lantern on it.  When the lights came on Fourtune was attacking everyone in the ring.  I failed to see the point of this but they then introduced their version of the 4 fingers rather than the standard 4 fingers used for the four horseman.  maybe i just missed them using it before though.

The behind the scenes promo of Raven and the rest of EV2 was pretty good actually.  The rest of them talking Raven into following the plan they have.

Matt Morgan versus D’angelo Dinero was next though.  I predict a Dinero win but I feel like i’m going to be eating my words later.  I’m a big fan of Dinero as a babyface.  I feel as though he could be a big name in this industry if they used him right.  The pope picked up an awesome clean win on Morgan.  I have to say that unlike Raw this past monday i’m impressed with the clean wins that TNA has had tonight.

So AJ styles versus Tommy Dreamer and I guess the title is not on the line.  This is the lamest TV championship ever.  I guess they didn’t want to take my suggestion to heart then?

A behind the scenes promo with Mick Foley talking about last weeks attack on EV2.  TNA was smart to pick him up but someone has to ask him to at least try to get in shape.  Its past the point of believability. like the south beach diet maybe?

Then the Dreamer vs Styles match started.  Does Tommy Dreamer have to wear a company t-shirt where ever he wrestles?  I love the AJ Styles pele’ move.  Fourtune came out i guess to potentially interfere but they were attacked by EV2 first.  Abyss (somehow) had gotten under the ring earlier in the show and came out to attack dreamer while the ref was watching the Fourtune/EV2 thing.  AJ picked up the win.

To have an dirty win after so many clean ones its hard to complain too much,  The overall show was satisfying.  TNA needs to work on their knockouts division again.  I don’t know what happened to their focus on it.  Was losing Awesome Kong that much of a drain on their creatvity?  but otherwise their roster is still pretty good.  I give this show a higher rating than i did Raw that’s for damn sure. 

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