Choosing a Workout Program For You

Determine your body type.
It’s possible that you may not fall perfectly into any one category but somewhere in between; it is a continuum but for our purpose the one that describes you the closest will do:


  • you have a thin, delicate build.

  • you can circle your wrist with your fingers.

  • you have a high metabolism and have trouble gaining muscle mass.

You need a workout that will help you gain weight.

You have a high metabolism so this prevents you from putting on weight easily.

Keep your cardio to a minimum; any more than 30 minutes cardio, 3 times a week, can be detrimental to your goal of gaining weight.

Do as many compound moves as possible including pull-ups, deadlifts and squats. This will help build your overall muscle mass. Your body type is the most likely to overtrain from too much intensity or frequency.

You can start training abs immediatly if you have little or no belly fat. This is a moral booster. You can realize fast results in a body section that doesn’t require mass gain to look great. Ab workout.


  • you have a soft round body.

  • you have a low metabolism and have trouble losing or maintaining your weight.

You need to lose or maintain your weight while gaining lean muscle mass.

The good news is: you probably already have some good muscle mass -more than the ectomorph. The bad news is that its hidden under a layer of fat.

HIITor high intensity training will work best for you. If you’re overweight you probably don’t have a lot of endurance but you’re well suited for high intensity. You should train between 15-20 minutes to burn maximum fat in a short amount of time and gain or maintain muscle mass.


  • you have a hard muscular body.

  • you have no problem staying in shape without being under or overweight.

You can choose any program and you’re likely to have results.

Try a variety of programs. You can handle high frequency and intensity and you have a enough endurance to handle even the most grueling workouts.

Remember, no matter what your body type may be -you can work with it and achieve your dream physique!

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