Monetize Your Blog, Some Important Things To Help You

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Creating a blog and making posts for it is quite easy. That is if you have read my previous post regarding the Things To Do Before Making a Blog, even the young ones nowadays knows how to make it. You too can learn to create blogs. What is important is you set your mind to what you do, it is very necessary to have our mind set right from the start. Remember that the number of visitors and web traffics depends on your Blog Content.

Well now, let us assume that your blog is up and running. We will now go to another phase in our blogger life and that is Monetizing our Blog. There are lots of different tips and ideas you can find on the web regarding this matter, maybe its not the first time you read this kind of article. What I wanted to share with you now is my own insights and ideas on How to Monetize Your Blog based from my experiences and also from what I have read from another articles, this just serves as a recap from what I have learned.

Google Adsense And Other Ads
The most common and popular method of Earning Real Money from your blog is through displaying relevant ads into it, and the most popular ads this days is the Google Adsense, anywhere you go and you ask from the expert they will eventually say that Google Adsense is the best source of income online. Google Adsense displays relevant ads related to the post or the content of your blog Automatically, because they have their Robot or Simply a program that crawls to the content of your blog thereby it displays relevant ads related to your blog content.

Signing to Google Adsense is very easy. What is more difficult and challenging is how to get your application approved. I cannot tell you more the tips on how to do it but one thing I learned is that, just post original content, not an edited one from other site. It simply means you need to create a good article or post of your own.

If you have no Google Adsense account yet, you can try also Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Adhitz and Speedyads. They also display relevant ads like in your blog while waiting for your adsense application be approved. These ads also offer the same features with adsense but with regards to monetary income, its up for you to know. Honestly I Was able to surf to different sites and blogs and its not only adsense ads I could see, I also saw different ads delivered by those sites I mentioned above. As I have said its up for you to decide, im just giving you some insights and ideas as substitute for google adsense.

Affiliate Marketing
Aside from displaying ads in your blog. You may also want to try to engage in displaying or advertising products in your blog like Amazon and Clickbank. Both of them gives shares and commissions to the products you sold. Just try to select products that you know relates to your content and be able to help your readers know more about certain topics. The best idea I have learned is selling ebooks to your blog, this ebooks don’t really cost much so a lot of reader and viewers can afford.

Making A Donation Button or Widget
If you feel you are worthy to be paid by the information you publish on your blog you could establish and manage to put a donation button or widget in you blog. Just go to paypal dot com and there you will have a donation button just like a donation box. Just keep in touch with my blog cause I will publish the steps on how to make a donation widget via paypal. Since it is the only widget so far that is present, I am trying to find widget to get an alertpay as well.

Selling Products Online
If you were able to manage to sell ebooks from your blog. Why not try to sell your own? Just recall of your own softwares and ebooks and everything you legally obtained from you computer and cds and dvs, make a copy of it and sell it online. If you don’t want to sell your goods you can also share it free. Its all up to you.

So that would be all for now and hope this post help you.
May the Lord God above bless us always.

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