This is nature poetry about critters. This poem is kind of scary but it is fun to read. It tells about critters that live in the desert and how they survive in the heat. Critters like a scorpion. They can hide underground or onder wood. When you are least expected they will strike. Some critters are deadly. Some critters have excellent night vision and will creep up on you fast. Some are very fast runners. Critters are dangerous. Critters may be anywhere, even right in your own backyard. I hope that you will enjoy reading and learning about critters in this fun poem.


I pick up vibrations by nerves in my feet.

I greatly withstand the hot desert heat.

I have excellent night vision and can bite anytime.

I am a critter and on blood I will dine.

I will run ten times faster than anyone could.

Sometimes I will even hide under wood.

My body protects me from hot desert winds.

I creep and crawl for holes to hide in.

I am a critter and I can attack.

It is known to be a wild fact.

I am faster than the speed of light.

Nothing can stop me not even night.

Survival for me is a life or death game.

I have no fear and I’m not ashamed.

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