Mosquitoes love warm or hot weather. The little bite of the mosquito may not hurt much, but these little pests can carry many diseases. They will bite you anywhere. They can bite through clothing. Mosquitoes also love to hide in and around moist or damp areas. They are plentiful in the summertime. It is good to protect youeself from mosquitoes. You can do this by purchasing repellants or special lotions or sprays that repel mosquitoes. Mosquitoes will easily sneak inside your home as well through an open door or window. This poem will tell you all about what mosquitoes like. It is a fun to read poem that I hope you will enjoy reading and learning about mosquitoes. Mosquitoes come in all sizes. They bite anyone.


In the heat of the summer I do not rest.

That is when I do damage best.

I am the mosquito who loves to bite.

It is not hard to find me at night.

You will not escape my gruesome attack.

I will even bite you on the back.

The sun gives warmth to the earth for me to survive.

I am the mosquito and I am alive.

Me and my buddies love to swarm.

I like places that keep me warm.

When least expected I will strike.

I carry disease with my little bite.

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