My First Outside of The Country Adventure

OMG! It was my first time to go outside the country.  I felt scared for I knew that I would fly alone (since my flight itwo hours ahead of my friends, but it turned out that I had to book another flight in the afternoon for there are problems I could never imagined that I would encounter) and it would be my first time to go out of my homeland. And this would be my first ever adventure with some of my closest friends. 

I had to go to Smart Wireless Center a day before my flight for my roaming activation. I had it done the night before it gets 5:40 am. As for me advance roaming activation makes my life less hassle and worries as when I do it inside the airport.  And I had to read a bit about HK first to grasp an idea about our whereabouts and its culture; so that we won’t look like that we don’t know anything.

AHA! Were the first words that came through my mouth when I came board on the plane. I had mixed of emotions because it was my first time that the means of transportation that I was going to ride was through an airplane.  I really prayed a lot that the plane would land safely when it reached HK. And luckily it was safe though there’s a bit of turbulence up ahead but still the flight was a good one.

It was indeed a learning experience during those four days vacation trip to HK.  We met all sorts of problems along the way but it turned out right in the end. I would never forget all the hassles that we encountered from the immigration officer here in the Philippines, to the hotel booking confirmation in HK, to the Disneyland resort, to Macau ferry terminal and to the scanner area in the HKIA going back to Manila.

Can you imagine what we’ve been through? It was difficult in the beginning but it ends well in the end. I guess God puts us to this kind of experience so that we should know what to do the next time.

God is really good all the time. He turned our problems into something that are out of our plans but based on His plans. Nevertheless, He made our trip a memorable one filled with so many surprises but in the end turned out to be a fun and an exciting adventure.

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