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Today we have grown to have different needs for our food storage system for our growing food supplies. This is for the fact that there are situations that as your food supply grows, the fridge can’t accommodate any spaces for it (not only the fridge, also food cabinets and others). Having a poor food storage system leads you to buy soft plastic containers and low quality storage containers that doesn’t offer the quality and functionality of the food storage container that you want. There are other situations that you’re not sure with the food stored in your container because it’s not a see-through one. Sticky sauces are a problem too, especially when the container that you have doesn’t seal the food much. So in the end you’re not having problems regarding the sticky sauce, smelly food is an addition. You don’t have to think or deal with those anymore. Because Rubbermaid has created the product just right for food storage needs. It’s the Rubbermaid Premier Food Storage Containers.

This set has a 16-piece version that has 8 containers and 8 matching lids. These containers are made with Tritan™ plastic that gives the container resistance to stains and odors. Plus the Flex & Seal™ lids that is really easy to seal and remove. As part of the Easy Find Lids system, the lids snap to bases and other lids so that you won’t have to search for your lids again and they are easy to stack and will take less room in your fridges and storage cabinets.

Air tight lids are perfect to ensure freshness is sealed for your fruits and veggies. Leftover problems? That will be a thing of the past for these containers. Sticky sauces and greasy foods like your favorite spaghetti will be perfect sealed if you wanted to eat it the next day or any day that you want.

The Rubbermaid Premier Food Storage Containers have also a 20-pc set and a 12-pc set depending on your choice. Container sizes are also available for your storage. Innovation is a thing Rubbermaid has been well known of.

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