Different Styles of Boxing

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Boxing for all we know has established itself as one of the sports today. Given the emergence of boxing greats from all corners of the world and the anticipation and adrenaline rush such extreme sport brings, it’s no wonder why people get too excited with the sweet science.

Boxing however, isn’t as easy as punching and knocking out your opponent. As written above, boxing is considered as the sweet science. There is a certain science and art involve in pugilism. More so, boxers are different and each one of them possesses varying skills and physical attributes.

A fighter’s boxing style depends on his skills and attributes and such features define the way they play the game of pugilism.


A slugger or better known as a brawler relies heavily on his brute power and the strenght of his pucnhes. More often than not, sluggers bank on the volume of their punches and relentlessly attack the opponents with the hope of landing vicious punches that eventually seals the deal.

Sluggers are the type of fighters which are well loved by fight fans as their style is pretty much exciting and fast-paced. Popular sluggers include current pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao, George Foreman, Mike Tyson and Juan Manuel Lopez.


Counter-punchers on the other hand, are the type of boxers that often takes advantages of the mistakes of their opponents. Their aggressiveness depends solely upon the aggressiveness of their opponents. They use their elusiveness and takes advantage of wide, looping misses in order to launch precise punches.

Needless to say, such boxing style is very much appreciated by boxing analysts and scholars of the sport due to its perfect paradigm of the term sweet science. Hence, counter-punchers are best paired with sluggers as the case of the Pacquiao-Marquez rivalry where Juan Manuel Marquez, the counter-puncher that he is gave Pacquiao, the slugger so much problems despite the huge discrepancy in strenght and power.

Distance Boxer

A distance boxer is a fighter who usually has huge advantage in terms of height and reach. Distance fighters utilize those advantages by staying away from the opponent and using jabs and flicker punches to score while at the same time using the ring to evade the opponent’s offensive attacks.

Moreover, distance boxers also incorporate some counter-punching skills in their offensive arsenal in order to further improve their boxing style.


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