5 Ways to Insure Your Child's Success

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There are lots of ways to help your child do well in schools. Try a few of these ideas:

Watch your child’s home-work habits for a week or so. When is he most likely to get down to work? As soon as he gets home? After playing for a while? Following dinner? Make sure his favorite time of the day is not interrupted.

If your child likes having the radio on while studying, let her/him. If she’d rather lounge on the floor than sit in a chair while doing homework, do not argue. You will simply cause her “fight or flight” mind to kick in.

Play a game of “think and listen” with your child. Pick a topic and set a timer. One of you talks about the topic for two minutes while the other listens attentively, without interruption. When the timer goes off, switch. You will help your child learn to listen well and develop creative skills.

Using markets and construction paper have your child help you write phrases that reflect the value of positivity, encouragement and learning. Tape them on the fridge and in your child’s room. Seeing phrases such as Yes I Can, Great Job and Learning Is Fun, will be a constant source of empowerment for her.

Remember how angels fly: They take themselves lightly. Laugh, play and have fun as a family. Research shows that laughter increases health and hardiness. And when a child thrives at home, it translates to the classroom. 

These 5 ways should be adapted by all the concerned parents to give their children much healthier and better life.


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