Recovery and Review after a Violent Incident at the Workplace

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Recovery and  review is the step taken after workplace violence occurs.  This phase is necessary in order to restore the work processes.  This will enable things to return to normal as soon as possible and provide the support and counseling workers need to minimize the impact of the incident.

The recovery and review phase is also the time to review violent incidents to identify areas in need of improvement should take place.
Recovery is the phase where reorganization and reconstruction occurs. There is resumption of normal operations after a violent incident occurred.

Steps should be taken to make the workplace safe again. First aid and medical assistance should be arranged and  extended to affected workers.  The support for concerned workers should also be provided.

Establishing Control in the Workplace

The recovery phase should focus on workers so they can return to daily routines as quickly as possible after the violent incident. In this phase, agreed plans should be immediately and efficiently implemented to minimize risks of long-term hazardous effects.

The following actions are necessary part of the recovery and review phase:

•    Give clear information to all workers.  Leave no room for doubts and address all their questions.
•    Provide continuous professional counseling and support services for workers and families
•    Give workers time to recover, but encourage them to return to work as part of the healing or recovery process
•    Provide legal advice and workers compensation arrangements
•    Investigate the matter and evaluate safety management programs currently in force to lessen the risk of injury or harm in the future


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