Jumping Rope Will Burn Calories Faster Than Any Other Exercises

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Have you ever tried to jump rope and found that it’s very tiring, this is because it is one of the best calorie burners and will get you losing weight much quicker due to the high intensity workouts you can do with them. Not to mention that a jump rope can easily be brought for less than $20, much cheaper than going to an expensive gym.

For rope jumping you can expect to burn around 10-15 calories for every 60-90 seconds. So if you just spent half an hour that would be around 200-250 calories give or take depending on how fast you were going. You can also take your jump rope with you as it doesn’t take much room up and you only need a little space to exercise with it.

Jumping rope can workout your entire body, even your abs as you will need to keep your stomach in so you can stabilize your body. What’s more is the more you can do jump rope the fitter you will become and will be able to last much longer. Thus improving your cardiovascular system and also jumping rope is an excellent way to improve your balance.

Buying a jump rope or skipping rope

When buying a skipping rope you will need to find one that is adjustable and also make sure to not get a weighted rope. Try to find a speed rope which normally costs around $15 in most stores.
Amazon is another great place to get a skipping rope and also there are many reviews so have a read through them and you will find out what other people are using and having great success with.

There are also many different skipping rope exercises to do so you will never get bored, also the intensity can change and this all helps with preventing boredom.


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