Gibson Flying V Guitar

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In the late 1950’s the Gibson Flying V guitar prototype came to exist. The president of Gibson in the 1950’s Ted McCarty invented the idea and design for these immaculate looking guitars. The three modernistic models of these were called the Futura, Modern and the Flying V. There looks were suppose to move Gibson in the future of rock ‘n roll and all other music venues in the years to come. After only a year they were discontinued because of the dwindling in popularity.


McCarty named the Flying V due to shape and its likeness to the letter V. As a result of special wood it was crafted from some were even called the Korina. The Korina wood tends to have a blond color to it and so the name Korina of the V’s of this era. Many famous people who played guitars in the 50’s and the 60’s loved the V’s styling and design they used them in all their musical performances. Some names you may recognize include Jimi Hendrix, Albert King, Dave Davies and Lonnie Mack.

The reemergence of the Flying V happened in 1967. The only difference between these models and the 1958 models were these were made of mahogany not the Korina wood. The other slight differences included a stop-bar tailpieces rather than the strings coming into the back for the original bridge work and the pic-guard is larger than the originals. The heavy metal genre helped the V make a rising come back into the music industry KK downing was one such artist that made this Gibson masterpiece of design known to even more new guitarists and guitar enthusiast.

In tribute to Jimi Hendrix V he used Gibson made one in a signature series just for him called the Jimi Hendrix V. Addititionally there is one in tribute to Lonnie Mack called the Mack. This Mack V included the same exact set up as he carried on his through his rocking career. It had the immaculate Tremelo arm and the comfort of the Bigsby tail-piece. Guinness Book of World Records even has a Flying V record within it. Scott Rippetoe had an amazing idea to make one of several largest V’s ever which could be played and looked exactly like the Flying V’s on the markets in 2000. It ended up being a whopping forty three feet big winning the record for the largest and being entered into Guinness.

Copies of the Flying V’s were popping up all around us once they reemerged. Enough details were changed about them that there were no infringements on any Gibson copy rights. The Concorde is among the most known. It was designed and specially made for the powerful guitarist Randy Rhoads. After his tragic and untimely death they renamed in honoring him to the Jackson Rhoads model.

The Jackson Rhoads model had a cut which was asymmetrical and made it differ from that of the Gibson Flying V Guitar models. The guitarist for the rock band Ratt Robin Crosby had a model designed for him as well. It was coined the King V and differed slightly from the Rhoads. Other popular copies include the Draco, JuniorV, Kerry King V and the other copies from Ibanez, Cort and Antares.


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