Should Raw Foodists Count Calories?

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Yes, they should.

In fact, calories and success on a low fat raw vegan diet go hand in hand.  Here’s why:

Calories Are King

If you want to enjoy your raw foods and have no problem fighting off cravings, then you need to eat enough sweet fruit.

Knowing the amount of calories you need AND the amount of calories that are in the fruits you enjoy will help you tremendously because you will know exactly how much fruit you need each day.  It will be easy for you to buy enough food and you will always be PREPARED.

You know what they say: a prepared raw foodist is a happy raw foodist! Okay, maybe that’s just what I say. 😉

And no, calorie counting is not an exact science.  But it is accurate enough to help ensure you are getting in enough fruit each and everyday.

Does Swayze Still Count Calories?

Yes, she does.  Every single day.

No, really I do!  But not in the way or even for the reasons you may think.

I don’t weigh my food.  I don’t restrict my calories.  I simply use the estimated calories in food as a guide to how much I need to eat each day.

For instance, if I’ve had 10 mangoes for breakfast and 10 bananas for lunch, I know I’ve had about 2000 calories so far.  To meet my personal quota of 2800 (the least amount of calories I need each day), I know I need to eat at least 600 calories from sweet fruit to start off my dinner meal.

If I still feel hungry after that amount (which sometimes I do), I eat more fruit.  Then I finish off dinner with some tomatoes and other non-sweet fruits/greens and that make up the rest of my calories for the day.

Having all this information in my head means that I know exactly how much food I need at all times, which means that I’m always PREPARED.

Because I know the calories in all of my favorite fruits, I ALWAYS know how much food to buy.  I ALWAYS know how much food to ripen.  And so I NEVER run out of healthy fruit to eat!

Consistency Really is Key

Once you’ve been eating high-fruit raw vegan for long enough, you’ll know just how easy and automatic this is.

You won’t need to weigh anything or use an online calorie database to log your intake.  The only time I ever use these is when I come across a fruit I’ve never tried (like last year when I had white sapote for the first time!)

Go raw and be fit,



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