Fender Telecaster Guitars

The Fender Telecaster Guitar is easily just about the most widely recognized guitars in the world. Originally called the Broadcaster when it was designed in 1949, it has been produced continually and a musical fixture since that then under the name Telecaster. Artists that suits your taste from country to blues to rock have used Telecasters on some of their most popular songs.

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The basic design of the Telecaster guitar is a solid single-body form with two pickups. A number of different alternate versions have been produced over the years. The original Tele design came from the mind of Leo Fender, who founded the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. It was among the first electric guitars to be mass produced. Because it’s designed to be easy to assemble and disassemble, it was conveniently easy to repair.

The overall shape and design of the Telecaster has remained relatively consistent throughout the years. Despite the Fender Telecaster guitar being produced relatively simply and cheaply, it is recognized for producing a signature sound that has had a huge influence on the world of music. Each of its two pickups produces unique tones: one bold and sharp, the other light and bluesy.

Being one of the first solid-body electric guitars also contributed to the Tele’s defining sound. It allowed the instrument to be played louder and clearer since the solid body reduced feedback.

The Fender Telecaster guitar remains a popular choice even today. While there are many different subtypes of the Telecaster, you can easily find a model that’s almost the exact same shape and feel of the original model.

The Telecaster also served as the foundation for the Fender Stratocaster, the larger double-cutaway guitar with a more comfortable design and three pickups instead of two. Within the last 60 years, these two guitars have been fixture in the music industry and are equally suited to master guitarists and novices alike.

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