Pro Ana Diet Tips Part 7

Chew everything 10-30 times. Savor each bite

Fresh fruit instead of juice. natural sugar instead of added sugar.

protein is good. muscles repair and survive with protein

Vitamin K – normal blood clotting – spinach/lettuce/cabbage/califlower

Phosphorus – energy/bones/teeth/metabolism – milk/grains

caffeine = appetite suppressant/increase metabolism/diuretic. But it also dehydrates you which is not good. Soo… drink a glass of water for each cup of coffee. This takes care of the one problem coffee brings.

Wait 20 minutes between foods. eat salad- wait 20 minutes/eat large portion of veggies- wait 20 minutes/eat meat- wait 20 minutes/ if still hungry drink 2 bottles of water to finish up.

eat food on a dessert plate. If you see a full plate then you feel a full belly.

Weigh yourself once a week @ the same time. Your weight changes less in the morning and more @ night. Once a week keeps you from getting disappointed.

Vitamins and minerals. I prefer prenatal vitamins. they give you everything to make you beautiful. Hair/nails/teeth/skin/and keep the body normal.

I hope these tips really help you out on your weight loss journey. i am applying most of these tips to my life to drop weight fast and changing my habits so i can keep the weight off. please be safe. Enjoy your new thin body you achieve. you deserve to feel beautiful. I know the feeling. you must look beautiful on the outside so you inner beauty can shine.

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