Pro Ana Diet Tips Part 6

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Drink hot beverages to suppress hunger. Bullion cube (5 Calories) + Hot water = Yummy soup that makes you full

Drink cold beverages to burn calories. Your body has to adjust when you drink something cold. You burn 40 calories when you drink two glasses of ice cold water.

Green tea: gets rid of cravings/low in calories/fills you up/antioxidant/burn extra 110 calories a day drinking it all day long

Diet Soda is NOT GOOD!! but if you must it fills you up and curbs appetite. Diet Soda is NOT GOOD!!

Veggie Soup. Boullion cube, water, and chopped up veggies! feel full and little calories.

Zinc and potassium supplements along with kelp help raise metabolism and reduce fat.

calcium – bones/teeth – dairy products/broccoli/cabbage/salmon

Magnesium – bones/teeth/energy/metabolism – dairy products/meat/fish

Running 10 mph for 20 minutes burns 500 calories
Running  5  mph for 20 minutes burns 500 calories

Combination of cardio and weights incinerate fat. (and raise metabolism/burns calories)<– both are good right?

get a rubber band and slap your wrist everytime you are hungry. wear it as a bracelet.

sleep deprivation increases appetite and makes you age faster.

If you want to eat – go workout. ( i think this one is self explanitory)

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