Are You Using Articles For Seo

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Through article directories, you can submit articles and get valuable search visibility for your site. Aside from being completely free, an article directory give you plenty of exposure, and is the best place to establish one way links back to your site.


A main rule in using articles for SEO is the quality of content that is being presented. If you have good and relevant content, you don’t only get love from the search engines, but also your readers. If readers enjoy their initial read, there is a big chance that they will click the hyperlink you posted which points to your site in search for more of your work. Instant traffic!

To repeat, quality is vital to article marketing. There are people using articles for SEO with only keyword density and backlinks in mind, totally disregarding the idea of a good read.

Though this may initially work remember that you need loyal readers and not just transient traffic. You don’t want visitors coming to your site and thinking your site is worthless and just a waste of their time do you?

It seems that in this age of SERP’s and internet marketing, the quality of most articles has somewhat been diluted to the point where all you see are keywords. Stuffing is so rampant that some articles are even bordering on being unreadable. But there is hope. There are still a few who use articles with quality content in mind.

To end, if you are using articles for SEO purposes, there are numerous article directories where you can post your work. As much as I want to give them to you in this article, it would be unfair to advertise other article directories in an article directory website.

If you are an internet marketer who is interested in using articles for SEO, contact me through email, Facebook, Twitter, or visit my blog Alova Media.

It would be my pleasure to explain to you how I can help your business grow.


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