When Education Becomes Business

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It came to my attention when one of a friend ask me about the education business. Here in Indonesia, many businessmen are now opening colleges or universities, as one of their money source. At first, we thought it was how they give something back to the society, but then after sometimes we realize that it was a business behind the foundation. Some people agree that it needs money to provide good education, but others disagree about how these educational institute operates like a business organization.

Then the arguments.

I, myself, agree that for a good education it needs a lot of money. The institute has to provide the best facilities, the good library, and also pay the professors. They need to maintain the building so it is conducive for the learning process, therefore they paid for the maintenance. They need to do researches to make sure their facilities are still updated. And everything needs money, and the only way they can get the money is from the admission fees. No wonder good schools charges the students really high, to cover all the expenses.

The problem is, in Indonesia, the amount of many spent is not suited with the facility the students got. Many educational institutes are competing to give all the luxury to attract new students but forget to provide even the basic educational facilities. For example, instead of hiring more lecturers or renewing the book collections in the library they build recreation room which not really necessary. 

I believe, parents are willing to pay more for the best education for their children. But, this situation is used perfectly by businessmen to make a big sum of profit in education system in Indonesia. By promising a great place to study, parents are hypnotized and forgot about the real essence of education, and as the result, they paid a high amount of money for luxuries and prestiges, not the real education.

I am so sad that in Indonesia, education is capitalized. Not only it lowers our human resources quality, but also corrupts the opportunity for people with no money to get a higher education.


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