Lindsay Lohan's Experiment With The "prison Diet"

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Lindsay Lohan has had quite a roller coaster ride with drugs, alcohol, prison, rehab, etc.  Lindsay was

released from jail and should be going to UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital possibly this week.  

Apparently prison diet is not that bad and can actually be pretty healthy.  For her first dinner in jail

she had turkey tetrazzini served with a side dish of broccoli coleslaw, bread and milk, according to TMZ.  

This looks like a balanced and nutritious hot meal, high in protein and low in fat.  Inmates get two cold

meals and one hot meal per day.  

Maybe Lindsay was actually healthier in jail than at home, with balanced meal and no drugs and alcohol.  

She could have worked out in jail as well, but only with weights; there are no cardio machines there.  She

was able to work out three times a week.  

It was also reported that other prisoners were angry because Lohan was getting special perks such as paying

for special food.  Like all other inmates, she could also spend up to $135 a week in the commissary for

munchies like Spicy Velveeta Refried Beans, Spam, Kit Kat candy bars and Country Time Raspberry Lemonade.  

Lohan preferred tuna, cookies, pork cracklings, pickles, mayonnaise, donuts, various candy bars, peanuts,

chips, smoked oysters, powdered lemonade, popcorn, tortillas and Spam.

It was also rumored that Lohan had a regular hospital bed, a TV, and a dresser in her cell.  Not many

inmates get that.  Some other sources said that she got a regular cell with a cot, sink, and a toilet.  Her

parents or family could only visit her twice a week.  

Lindsay’s brief experiment with the “prison diet” may have taught her a lesson.  No matter how nutritious

the meals are or how much candy bars she was able to buy, your own bed and dinner at home sounds much


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