Chasing Our Dream

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Chasing a dream is the essence of our life. We live and eat everyday hoping on the very next day we can be where we want to be or become the person we dreamed for ourselves.

Happiness is most of the time based on whether we have achieved our dream or not. A dream that most people are not even sure if it will really quench their existence. Is it really right to associate wealth and happiness? It is often debated whether money can buy happiness. It’s probably right to say that money has something to do with what make us happy. The lack of money can make a person miserable. What makes people happy depends on their own definition of happiness. Some people are contented with success, some wants power, some are happy with love, wisdom or spiritual. Some people are just really hard to please and could not find pleasure to anything. What makes you happy today is not necessary the same thing that will make you in high spirits tomorrow.

We will work hard, we will do anything to achieve our dreams. We all want to be happy. The ultimate dream to achieve our desires is what makes life goes on. It is sad that most of us are unable to chase our dreams. In our pursuit to reach this dream; we get lost and trapped with making a living, a means to reach our dream. Consequently we forgot about our dreams and ended up living the way where dreams have brought us. And that is heartbreaking. We will be forever condemned and forlorn. Or we can redefine our dream and find happiness to what we have. A simple answer to our dream and happiness might be contentment. If we can just learn to appreciate what we have, in that case there will be no reason to be unhappy.


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