How to Lose Weight Using Acai Berries

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People who want to lose weight are subjected to dozens of products that are apparently miracle drugs.  Before I continue any further on this article I want people to understand that there is NO miracle drug out there.  There is no pill or food you can eat that will allow you to sit on your butt all day, eat crappy foods and lose weight. You can search all day for how to articles that promise you the world, but I will guaruntee you they will never deliver.

With that said if you are already eating properly, and exercising quite frequently, you are probably already seeing results.  If you aren’t seeing any results, you need to change something else in your life aside from trying to find a pill or supplement to push you over the edge.  On the other hand, if you are already losing weight, adding in a supplement to complement your current workout and diet regime is far from a bad idea.

The biggest thing people need to understand when dieting is that you should never rely on a supplement to help you lose weight or you will most likely immediately gain the weight back once you stop the supplement.  

So let’s do a quick pre acai berry check list:

A) You are already exercising
B) You are already dieting
C) You have already started to lose weight

If you agreed to the three above statements, you are ready to consider taking on supplements such as Acai berries.  

Benefits to berry:

Acai berries are kind of a mysterious fruit.  They contain many antioxidants as well as other chemicals that help increase the rate of your metabolism. For me though, the biggest benefit is the ability acai berries have at reducing ones appetite. I personally have an overwhelming appetite and if I don’t eat large meals I think about food non stop all day.  Before acai berries, the only thing I found that really suppressed my appetite was constantly drinking coffee all day.  Only problem with drinking coffee, is you eventually become pretty dehydrated from the diuretic affect the coffee has on your system.

Be careful when and where you buy acai berries from as they are very often scams.  If you are going to buy acai berry, I’d go to a local supplement store that you trust.  Pick up enough for a month and if you don’t notice the appetite suppressing affects of the product, move on to something else.  Hopefully after a month is up you have already reached your weight loss destination and will no longer be on the hunt for a get ripped quick fix.

So, while Acai Berry can help you lose weight by suppressing you appetite, it is not going to turn you into a cover model without a ton of hard work and diet modifications.


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