Pro Ana Diet Tips Part 4

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Take 2 apples and split them into 6 meals. This way you feel like you are eating all day. this raises metabolism and makes you feel full all day without the calories.

Eat in front of a mirror naked.

Pamper yourself. Do you rnails/facial/massage/tan

Instead of buying food buy flowers. Food = Depression. Flowers = Happy

Drink water with a slice of lemon. Lemon is a natural appetite suppressant.

Sleep –>180lbs/sleep for 7 hrs/Burn 541 calories!

Buy clothes you can’t fit into. This will motivate you to lose weight and wear you pretty new clothes.

Rice cakes! fills you up only 30 calories. = food chart/calorie calculator/journal/goal setter/weight tracker

Vitamin B1 – Energy/Metabolism – whole grains/peas/nuts

Vitamin B2 – Energy/Metabolim/Eyes – dairy products/poultry/fish/asparagus
Vitamin B helps promote you hair growth dramatically!!

Vitamin B6 – cell growth – chicken/fish/whole grains/nuts

Vitamin B12 – red blood cells/protein builder – yogurt/salmon/clams/oysters

Eat mints to get your mind off of eating. (pepper mints- make sure they are sugar free)

Quick Note: 81% of ten year old girls are afriad of being fat. (you are not alone)

Put up post-it notes with quotes and little reminders to you not to eat. “Nothing Tastes As Good As Thin Feels”

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