Eric Clapton Stratocaster Guitar

If you are reading through this particular article, than I can venture a guess that you are looking to learn a little more about the impressive model of the Fender line known as the Eric Clapton Stratocaster Guitar. This particular instrument has many features that are exclusive to this model alone, so the purpose of this information is to familiarizes you with these features, and the benefits of using a guitar such as this one.


If you think about it, there are plenty of different features for any given guitar, and so listing them all begins to take away from a real review. So rather, I will list the most important features about this model starting with the body. It is a body that stays true to the Stratocaster line, while giving it a specific flair that is relative to Clapton, boasting a soft V design where the body and neck connect.

The next thing one of the what you must know about this guitar is how easy it will be to play it. This is relative to the action on the model, and it has the perfect balance for sound and playability. Too much one way or another, and you dramatically compromise the other so it is either harder to play or the sound is compromised. This model does not sit on that line, it is that line.

Another thing that is making a very big difference on earth of electric guitars, are the pickups that are being used. In the Eric Clapton Stratocaster, the pickups are unlike any guitar like it, and they can produce a vintage sound that is just not replicated. It is a sound that is true to the Eric Clapton style of blues and soft classic rock.

If you were considering this guitar, than select the type of music that this guitar is best suited to play. That’s not to say that with a specific amp or what not, that you couldn’t just play anything. But out of the store, this guitar was created to play the Blues and some classic rock tunes. In case you are really drawn to this sound, than this guitar is going to help you produce tones that haven’t been around since the sound was around for the initial time.

So should you be curious about the Eric Clapton Stratocaster, I only hope that you’re a little better informed about the guitar, and why it might benefit you to play it now. Sure, there are many other things which you might care to understand about, but here is the basic properties of the guitar, and all that some people need to know or hear about to create a decision.

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