How to Overcome Low Self-Esteem

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In a number of cases, low self-esteem is the result of constant emotional/psychological battery by people, slowly unraveling one’s self-confidence till an individual believes that they can never achieve these goals that they wish. Essentially, this form of emotional battery makes one believe that they are simply nothing and trying to strive for something better is a pipe dream. Or they may believe that they are ugly, obese and perceived inadequate in a number of other ways. Emotional/psychological battery is usually the result of an insecure person, who may also have suffered some form of emotional battery. By taking somebody’s esteem from them, they perceive themselves as being superior and elevated over not only that person, but other people too.

This is seen in a lot of cases of abuse, as well. An abused person can become an abuser. Whether that is the case or not, emotionally assaulting somebody can be as easy as saying, ‘You aren’t capable of doing that’; ‘You’ll never be able to do that’; ‘You are fat’; ‘You aren’t that handsome/pretty.’ It can also grind down to these abusers being controlling, dominating and all of the rest of the negative connotations that go along with that. If somebody is telling you that you can’t do that, or you are dreaming, or that you should lose a few pounds, before you let those affirmations become part of a negative, mental loop in your mind, stick your chest out, stand tall and go out and do it.

Life is so infinitely short anyways. Go out and take a chance on something, before your weakened self-esteem sends you running for comfort food. Even if one fails at it (who knows, you might even win), at least you took a chance and invariably your self-esteem and self-confidence will soar into the stratosphere. One should feel invigorated, for you took a chance that actually moved you one step closer to what you want becoming reality. Living our life is learning something new everyday. We don’t learn from the successes-we learn from the failures and the defeats. Through this learning process, we adapt and change, and we do finally arrive with our self-esteem reaching new heights along the way.

If you took a chance and it paid off immediately in huge dividends, contrary to the naysayers, your self-esteem should jump through the roof and into orbit. But non-abusers and abusers, through their constant remarks, take a huge toll on people’s belief in themselves. This is a lesson that everybody should learn: even the smallest remark carries weight. Also, it carries ten times the impact if it comes from people we love and trust. If one is living with an abuser-or that abuser is casting his/her shadow-break the cycle of it. Live life. Believe in yourself-don’t become your own worst enemy-with the abuser being second.

Another way of overcoming low self-esteem is to force yourself away from your data/entertainment dispensing conveyances and go out more. If you are single, dust yourself off and pursue a life. After all, we all need love and affection. It is especially good for the confidence and esteem. This doesn’t mean coming on like ‘John, the Woman Slayer’, or ‘Jennifer, the Head Seductress of the World.’ Be yourself, but never cut yourself down in front of anybody or to yourself.

Laugh, dance, mingle: walk on the wild side. Build on your esteem with all your victories, and you’ll never feel down on yourself again. Pat yourself on the back when needed. But if defeat does happen (remember, this is life), always note that nobody in this world is better than you are. Try and not be your worst enemy-be your best friend instead. Pile your victories up..and celebrate! But never forget your defeats either!


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