Are You Worth Your Style?

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Sadly what we wear gives others either a good impression of ourselves or a bad impression. We may not like this but this is the way the world works. The clothes you wear speak volumes about who you are. Just observe the people that pass by you everyday on the street. There are people who wear loud colors from head to toe because they want to be noticed.  Others may wear more subdued colors because they are quiet or reserved in their demeanour.

Style is all about how you present yourself. It’s not about what you see in the magazines or in fashion shows. It’s not about the latest trends or fads. It’s about you and what you feel on the inside. So how much do you think you are worth?

If you do not put much thought into your appearance, then you are telling the world that you don’t care. Now you may be true to yourself and not care about what others think. On the other hand, your “style’ may be telling the world that you don’t care about yourself. Your style says that you are not worth it. Is that really true?

The way we think about ourselves is usually reflected in our actions. This comes from our subconscious mind. If you think positively about yourself, your style will reflect this positive attitude. It will be in the way you walk and carry yourself. It will show in the way you dress.

If you think of yourself as a failure, then no matter what you do, this is the style that you will project. There are many people, however who use style and fashion as a means to hide their inferiority complex. This does not mean that they are confident or feel good about themselves. They use fashion as a means of hiding what they truly feel inside. There is usually lots of pain and anger below the surface.

Style cannot be bought or sold. Style does not belong to the dictates of the fashion industry or the designer of the clothes. They may suggest a particular style or way of wearing a garment, but you are under no obligation to follow. They are just suggestions. Your personal style is a reflection of you and you alone. Why give it up for a fad?

So does your style reflect your worth? Are you truly worth your style?


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