Programs Needed to Prevent Workplace Violence

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To prevent workplace violence, the company must put controls in place.  This way, it can effectively weed out undesirable factors and the possibility of workplace violence occurrence would be greatly minimized.  The programs needed according to Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA (2006) are the following:

Pre-Employment Screening – An agency together with the servicing personnel and legal offices should determine the pre-employment screening methods they use to determine the best person for the position such as interview questions, background and reference checks and drug testing.
These screening techniques should comply with Federal laws and regulations.

Threat Assessment Team- An interdisciplinary team formed by the agency to determine possible workplace violence cases then create and implement plan to deal with it.

Security- Preserving safety within the work place is a necessary aspect of any prevention program. Safety could be promoted by implementing several measures such as employee photo identification badges, guard services, and coded key cards that would grant access to buildings and grounds. Measures adopted should be suitable for the location and work settings of the agency.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) – This program is most helpful in resolving conflicts early on using one of the following methods: ombudspersons, facilitation, mediation, interest-based problem solving, and peer review.

Agency Work and Family Life Programs (such as flexiplace, child care, maxiflex, etc.) – An agency is advised to recognize and possibly change internal policies and procedures which could create negative climate in the workplace.

Prevention of Workplace Violence (OSHA, 2006):

•    Awareness/Training
•    Threat Assessment
•    Long-Term Security
•    Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
•    Employee Assistance Program


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