Carnage Blender – Free Online Multiplayer Browser Rpg

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Carnage Blender is a free online RPG that is played entirely in the web browser. Players create teams of warriors to battle against each other in a virtual arena and compete for the best equipment and bragging rights. This free rpg has been around for several years and features a decent sized player base and is jam packed with features.

As your warriors face other teams in battle, they will gain experience points that can be used to train abilities and skills. Abilities such as Strength and Dexterity will improve your teams natural fighting abilities while skills like Haste and Magic Missile will grant magical benefits. Creating a team of warriors using a good combination of skills that complement each other is the ultimate goal of Carnage Blender. The better your team works together the more fights you will win and the more money and equipment you will have access to.

Each player has a certain number of battle points that they start off with each day and as you challenge other warriors, these points are depleted. You are given enough points to fight in several dozens battles every day, so there is little downtime in the game. When you are not battling, there is plenty of information in the massive game Wiki to be devoured as well as a chat room and forums to hang out in and ask for help or brag.

This free online RPG is completely browser based. There are few graphics so the pages load fast and battle results are displayed almost instantaneously. Because the game is almost completely text based, it is a good game to sneak in while at work. There are no cartoony elves or scantily clad maidens prancing across your screen in Carnage Blender, just the results of your combat and character creation skills.

This online RPG was created with the reasoning that players come to RPGs to make friends and chat, and the game just gives them something to do while socializing. Therefore Carnage Blender is pretty minimal in presentation, but is very deep in strategy. There is always someone in chat willing to answer questions, and the community is fairly reasonable for an RPG as the developer enforces a strict PG environment.


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