Facial Hair Removal

There are various facial hair removers available today. These are either temporary or permanent depending upon the product. Unfortunately, with temporary facial hair removers your hair will quickly re-grow. Some of
 these temporary means of facial hair removal include plucking with tweezers, waxing (which can be quite painful) and shaving (which works a lot better for men than it does for women).

You can rest assured that you can use a facial hair remover without your face becoming infected. Of course, there are some that are safer, meaning that your face won’t become infected. One such way to do this is with laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal utilizes an invisible ray of light, coupled with a heat source. This will penetrate your hair follicles and kill them without harming any of the skin around them. However, it does work better for people who have light skin complexions and dark hair because the light is attracted to the hair’s darkness.

Using lasers to remove facial hair requires that a gel or a spray be applied to the area first in order to cool it and keep your skin from feeling irritated and the skin around it from being harmed. The only real disadvantage is that it will require several sessions in order to complete the process.

Another permanent form of facial hair removal is electrolysis. This is a popular method for the removal of facial hair because it works well. Herein a needle is inserted into your hair’s follicle and then an electrical pulse is shot through it. It can be used almost anywhere except for in your nose or ears because it can cause swelling, redness and scabbing. These scabs have been known to cause infections and scarring, which is the main disadvantage of this hair removal method.

One last type of facial hair remover is an epilator. This won’t cause you to have any infections. An epilator is a battery-operated device that removes your hair at the root by gripping and pulling them out. You can
 think of this as a type of tweezing action that is performed by a rotating head. As long as you use this on dry skin, you won’t get an infection. Instead, what you will get is smooth skin with hairs that will re-grow but when they do so they will be finer and softer.

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