How to Learn a Foreign Language

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Learning a foreign language may be a very tricky process. Some people are fast-learners for whom it is relatively easy to memorize and improvise, but some are not that lucky. Before you start the learning process, you should concentrate on yourself and your abilities to learn.

Think of a 2-year-old child, when he just start speaking. Day by day he is learning new words and trying to combine them into a sentence. There is no grammar rules for him yet, there is no specific terminology. Only nouns, verbs and the desire to speak. So you just have to repeat the exactly same process when you learn a new language. You will have to work really hard. So don’t expect that one can take a 3-months-course and become a professional. Language is just like a tree. At first place, you have to plant a seed then watch how roots are growing and getting stronger. You have to take a good care and you need enough of time to get the tree itself. In our case the seed is your desire to learn the language. Water is the continuous everyday practice. Roots are your actual base, your vocabulary and knowledge.

Before you start searching for a teacher or a course, sit down and read about the language your desire to learn, see how much it can give you and what are the prospects. You even can try to learn the language by yourself, remember that a teacher is just your leader, the person who points out the facts for you, the person who supports and explains. But you actually can learn the language by yourself and all you need for this surrounds you every day. There are a few fast tips that help and work really well:

  • Everyday practice.
  • Mainly, the usage of simple and common nouns and verbs; you will have time to complicate and grow your vocabulary.
  • You have to find yourself a friend who speaks the language you want to learn.
  • Listen to music, watch movies even if you don’t understand the language, this will help you to get used to the language, you will get the feeling of the language. And your brain will automatically memorize the word and word combinations that are widely used in a particular movie. So the more you watch the more you learn.
  • Play online games (mmorpgs). Don’t be surprised by this, because this is the great resource for you and the way to find some friends as well.
  • Try to think in the language you learn, at first it’s really difficult, but you will notice that with time your thoughts are getting automatically translated even before you realize that.
  • Speak aloud everything you do. For example, if you cook try to speak aloud describing your actions, this will help you to memorize the particular words.
  • When it comes to grammar, you have to be very careful. The best way to memorize the grammatical constructions is to use the resource of your own brain, i.e. your own memory, abilities, hobbies. You will definitely remember the example if it was the part of your own life, something that happened to you before.
  • Try to go abroad whenever you feel ready for that to train yourself and take the final grip.

It’s always difficult to start, but whenever you move on and constantly work the path of learning becomes your pleasure. The more you learn the faster you memorize. If you are tired don’t be afraid to take a short break and just relax. I wish you a good luck!


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