How Soul, Body, Mind And Senses Are Related

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The Upanishads are the spritual cream of Indian philosophy. They glorify soul(atman) and man. Few hymns in Kathopanishad describe the relation between soul, mind and body. These hymns describe body as a chariot; soul as the owner of this chariot who travels and enjoys the world.

However soul is not directly involved in driving this chariot. Intelligence acts as charioteer in driving this chariot. Intelligence uses mind as reins for controlling the chariot. Intelligence chooses the right path or course. But mind with its will power is the driving force for the chariot. Mind cann’t choose the good or evil course, it is the intelligence or conscience that chooses the right course.

Chariot moves because wheels rotate. Similarly body moves and acts for its senses. Mind is the driving force but body acts for its senses. Mind cann’t see if body has no eyes; mind cann’t hear if body has no ears or boy cann’t move if it has no legs. So senses act as wheels for the body.

Chariot moves on paths or courses. For the body objects of senses are the paths or courses. Mind sees a delicious fruit in the tree and drives the body near it in order to pluck it. Mind sees the cool water of a stream and moves the body near it for drinking water. Similarly for acquiring wealth mind sometimes compel men to make war.

Soul alongwith mind and senses is the being who enjoys this world. While enjoying if intelligence or conscience is weak and mind goes out of control, then like bad horses of a charioteer, senses goes out of control. Senses try to enjoy those things which give pain and sorrow to a being. Being suffers remaining in worldly bondage. However if intelligence is strong and mind is under control, then like good horses of a charioteer, senses work under control. Senses accept those things which is good and give eternal peace and happiness. Being enjoys freedom and liberates itself from worldly pain and sorrow.


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