Parents And Teenpregnancy

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Getting pregnant as a teenager can be a very scary position to be in, especially if it was not planned. For many teenagers, however, the real fear lies in how will my parents react? Some parents care more about their personal or family reputation than supporting their daughters. These are the parents who throw their kids out, disown them, or refuse to speak to them.  This type of behavior is not the behavior of a true parent. As parents our job is to lead and guide our children both when they succeed and when they make mistakes. Parents have the power to turn what looks like a bad situation into a positive learning experience.

When confronted with these types of situations, take time to listen to your daughter.  Comfort her let her know that you will be there to help and support her through the challenges ahead.  Seek counseling. These situations can put a lot of strain on families and family relationships. Counseling will help to provide an outlet and a different outside perspective of the situation. Talk with the father of the child and his parents and discuss the situation. Determine where they stand on the issue. Some parents will be willing to assist and others will pretend it is not their problem. Whether the father’s family chooses to help or not, still support and stand by your daughter. She can and will achieve many great things, but only if you continue to support her and your new grandchild. The future of both of them is in your hands.


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