Pro Ana Diet Tips Part 1

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Spread calories all throughout the day. Several small meals help cravings and binges. This also sky rockets your metabolism <– Which dramatically melts fat. Instead of restricting your calories all at once try to spread your food out all day and you will notice you naturally eat less because you are full all day.

Fiber pushes food with ease. This gives less time for fat to settle and be stored. Take fiber pills to get adequate amounts.

Jump Rope: It is amazing! Jump for 2 minutes and build your endurance up to 10  minutes! You will see the fat come off if you do this everyday. Especially in the morning.

Iron– Hemoglobin —meats/eggs/dark green leafy veggies

Chew sugar free gum to curb appetite and burn calories. (peppermint flavor)

Quick Note: Runway model measurements: 32-22-33

Do not eat past 6:00PM <– this gives you time to digest and burn some of the calories you ate before bed.

Never eat anything in the amount bigger than a cup. Eating more expands your stomach. Which can make you more hungry.

Drink one glass of water every hour. It will make you feel full all day. Which in turn makes you eat less.

1oz of cheese = size of an ice cube

If you have a real bad craving for something, taste it but don’t swallow. Enjoy every bite.

If you have to sit for a long time (like at work) always be doing something. Tapping feet and fingers, stretching, or writing. Every calorie burned is less weight. All those calories add up.

Do not eat anything that comes in a can, box, or package. They have additives in them that make you addicted to the food.

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