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You have a product or service to sell. You know your product can sell and you know the public wants it. So why does it seem like customers are buying from everyone but you? Could be you need to take advantage of article marketing, an effective way to introduce your product or service to a wider group of internet customers. These article marketing tips may help you.

Article marketing is a free tool that can keep on giving and giving free traffic. So how do you write your marketing article, and how do you get your article seen?

Effective article marketing is highly dependent on targeted searches for your product or service. So when you are writing your article, remember one of your first article marketing tips is to repeat the product or service and its highlights as your keywords often throughout the article. 

Perform your own Google search for your product or service. In the lefthand margin, you will see that Google provides “related searches.” Click on the related searches and see what other keywords this suggests to you for your product or service. Write several articles including combinations of these words.

For example, when performing a search for “article marketing tips” we find phrases like article marketing secrets, article marketing guide, article marketing tricks, article marketing techniques, article submission tips, article writing tips and many more. You can write and rewrite several articles using combinations of synonymous words and phrases. You will soon develop what amounts to your own dictionary as an article marketing tool to assist in your article marketing.

One of the most effective article marketing tips is making sure you receive other links to your article. Submit your article to as many locations as you can, and bookmark them. You can add a bookmarking extension called “Add This” to your browser. Then you may submit your articles to Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and a number of other bookmarking sites. 

Article writing and article marketing friends can develop a supportive group of followers who can help each other to develop backlinks through bookmarking or recommending one another’s articles. Successful article marketing depends on the free traffic your article receives through increased linking and therefore visibility. 

We hope these article marketing tips can give you some idea of how to achieve more free traffic to your article and more business for your products and services.

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