Herbs Lead Fight Against Bird Flu

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Medicinal herbs containing essences-pomelo, citronella, eucalyptus and cajuput leaves-can be boiled as an aerosol to prevent bird flu viruses. After taking an aerosol therapy, you can also have hot porridge cooked with ground onion, garlic and ginger to boost the effect.

You should have many aromatic herbs such as coriander, celery, basil and dill as possible every day. Salted cabbage with ground garlic and ginger is also recommended. You can grind purslane, lettuce and basil together as a daily drink with a little sugar. The following herbs have been tested in vitro to be an antibiotic to bird flu viruses:

Acacia auriculaeformis:  its stems and leaves have auriculosid, which can prevent bird flu viruses. Boil 30-50 grams of stems and leaves and drink the solution.

Hypericum japonicum: boil 30g of this fresh plant or 12g of dried plant and drink it during the day.

H. sampsonii: preparation and use as hypericum japonicum.

Thespesia populnea: boil 16g of its dried stems and leaves as a drink.

Ximenia Americana: this wild plant grows abundantly on the coastline of Phu Quoc Island. Its stems and leaves are used to prevent bird flu viruses.

Leea indica: roots, stems and leaves of this plant are used to treat rheumatism, diarrhea, dysentery, cold and fever. Boil 200 g of dried root, stems and leaves as an anti-bacteria drink to ward ff bird flu viruses.  

Snowbell: boil 100g of fresh snowbell leaves and drink the solution during the day.

Ficus drupacea var. pubescens: its barks, branches and leaves have been tested in vitro to be able to fight bird flu viruses. Boil 100g of fresh bark or branches and leaves and drink the solution.

Randia spinosa: this wild vine’s stems and leaves have saponin. Boil 50g of fresh stems and leaves and drink the solution. 

Vernonia cinerea: the wild grass has alkaloid, flavonoid, triterpen, sesquiterpen and sesquiterpenlacton. Boil 100g of the fresh plants and drink it. 

Cyperus niveus: the grass has been shown in vitro tests to be able fight bird flu viruses. Boil 12g of the grass and drink.


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