Shopping Fever

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I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist. – Tammy Faye Bakker Shopping — the word itself brings smiles and happiness to a woman’s face. Unlike most men, women love to go out, roam around, check out things and come out with heavy loads on their shoulders 😛 We women just love shopping!

Whether it’s clothes, shoes, bags, sunglasses, or even a tiny pair of earrings, we can’t just live without shopping. If a guy has had a fight with his wife or girlfriend, just say that you were thinking of taking her out for shopping and see the changed mood. In fact, the bigger brands as well as shopping malls are running just because of women (pun intended).

Check out surveys and you would get to know that women spend fortunes on shopping. Shopping fever is inherent in every woman! I personally love shopping! Whenever I feel tired or lazy, I just get up, get ready and go out for shopping with my husband. This really peps me up and is a good stress buster too. The way guys take video games as stress busters, we women take shopping! But ours is taken as a joke. I always over spend when I go out for shopping and often feel guilty. It is at that moment that i decide that i won’t buy anything for a month now. And comes the next day — where i see an amazing apparel or cosmetic and phew i go nuts. 😀 I immediately buy it.

It really sounds funny to men but i am sure it happens with a lot of my female friends. Does it happen with you? The world may turn upside down, we may bargain as much as we can, but finally shopping is something that we can’t live without…. So, happy shopping women!!!!


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