How to Calm Anger?

A pleased and cheerful person is always admired but an angry person is always criticised. Anger is something that can bring up bigger problems and a negative attitude to your personality. Generally we come across incidents in life that make us angry and we lose control over our emotions. In anger you say things that you regret later and that brings about differences in relations. So, we all should try not to be angry at small things in life and should learn to keep control over anger. How? Take a look.

1. Whenever you are angry, try to be quiet and talk less.

2. Have some water and take deep breaths.

3. You can count upto 10, which in turn will cool down your temper and not allow you to fight and say unreasonable things.

4. Often when I get angry, I notice that I end up cleaning the house (which sounds funny). The trick is that when you are angry you feel like hitting some one, so instead keep yourself busy and do some house work that requires physical work like washing clothes, dusting et al.

5. Think about the good things that can help you feel calm and bring back a smile. It’s natural that when youu are angry you would want to say things to the other person but you have to stop yourself.

6. You can write whatever you want to say on a piece of paper and vent out your anger. You should burn or tear that piece of later then!

7. Try and stay happy. Do not get upset at small things and that ways you will not get angry. Keep Smiling!

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