How to Stay Stylish in Summers?

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Summers are at its peak and women worries too are rissing. Why? Oh, there are million worries – how would I make my skin look fresh, what type of clothes should I wear to look trendy yet not feel hot with the rising temperature, what should I do to make my makeup look fresh all day. These are just a few questions when it comes to women? J So, here I try my best to answer a few questions. Read on and follow the list. It might help to an extent.

1. Lets start with hair. In summers we all want to open our hair and look godd but the heat and humidity does not allow us to that. So we can opt for stylish hairstyles that will keep the hair up yet make us look trendy. Messy buns and ponytails work well in summers. If you want to open your hair, you can tie half of them and leave the ends loose. Just experiment with styles and keep the heat away.

2. When we talk about face, we have to take care of it really well. A good hydiene is ofcourse important but makeup should be worn well and remember minimal works well in summers. Wash your face and dab on some face powder. Highlight eyebrows and wear pink blush on. That will give you a fresh look. Add pink or red lipgloss which again will make you feel fresh. The mantra this season is to use fresh shades and look cool.

3. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and skin. Broad frames are in vogue and have mlti- purposes- they cover your eyes, look trendy and cover half your skin.

4.     Wear comfortable clothes and light shades. Floral prints are in this season so you can try skirts, dresses and shorts in that print. White will make you feel fresh in summers so try wearing more of white.

5.     Drink lots of water and stay hydrated.

6.     Wear trendy shorts and skirts. Fabric should be comfortable and light.

7.     Carry an umbrella or cap/hat, probaly a floral print. You can look good and stay away from sunburns that way.

8.     Wear bright nailpaints.

9.     Keep your body waxed. An untidy body will make you feel worse.

10.                        Keep your nails trimmed and tidy. French manicure also looks good in summers.

11.                        You can opt for more sleeveless dresses and experiment in summers.

12.                        Lastly, do not be afarid of summers. Challenge it, try different things and come up with your own inventions and style to dare the summer!


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